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Table of contents

Papers are directly accessible as PDF files, session by session.
Additional resources are provided by some authors: the URL are then provided after the authors' names (DAFx-06 is not responsible for missing data, broken links, etc).

All copyrights remain with the authors.

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Left numbers correspond to the page number.
Right link noted [.bib] provides a bibtex reference of the paper.

Session 1 - Filter Design for Audio
001 Discretization of the '59 Fender Bassman Tone Stack [.bib] [slides 2.2Mo]
David T. Yeh and Julius O. Smith
007 On the Use of Volterra Series for Efficient Real-Time Simulations of Weakly Nonlinear Analog Audio Devices: Application to the Moog Ladder Filter [.bib]
Thomas Hélie
013 Robust Design of Very High-Order Allpass Dispersion Filters [.bib] [slides 300ko]
Jonathan S. Abel and Julius O. Smith
Session 2 - Performance and Gestural Control
019 Consistency of Timbre Patterns in Expressive Music Performance [.bib]
Mathieu Barthet, Richard Kronland-Martinet, and Sølvi Ystad
      [additional resources at: http://w3lma.cnrs-mrs.fr/~kronland/DAFx06]
025 Real-Time Detection of Finger Picking Musical Structures [.bib] [slides 132ko]
Dale E. Parson
031 Using Visual Textures for Sonic Textures Production and Control [.bib] [slides 3.4Mo]
Jehan-Julien Filatriau, Daniel Arfib, and Jean-Michel Couturier
Poster Session 1
037 Graphic Equalizer Design Using Higher-Order Recursive Filters [.bib] [poster 340ko]
Martin Holters and Udo Zölzer
041 Performance-Driven Control for Sample-Based Singing Voice Synthesis [.bib] [poster 1.4Mo]
Jordi Janer, Jordi Bonada, and Merlijn Blaauw
045 Parameterized Morphing as a Mapping Technique for Sound Synthesis [.bib]
Chinmay Pendharkar, Michael Gurevich, and Lonce Wyse
049 Examining Design Goals of Digital Musical Instruments [.bib]
Joseph Malloch, David Birnbaum, Elliot Sinyor, and Marcelo M. Wanderley
053 The Modified Chamberlin and Zölzer Filter Structures [.bib] [poster 260ko]
Duane K. Wise
057 Smooth and Safe Parameter Interpolation of Biquadratic Filters in Audio Applications [.bib]
Victor Kalinichenko
067 X-Micks - Interactive Real-Time Content Based Audio Processing [.bib] [poster 340ko]
Norbert Schnell, Diemo Schwarz, and Remy Müller
Session 3 - Sound Synthesis 1
071 Dispersion Modeling in Waveguide Piano Synthesis Using Tunable Allpass Filters [.bib]
Jukka Rauhala and Vesa Välimäki
      [additional resources at: http://www.acoustics.hut.fi/demos/ext-disp/]
077 Prepared Piano Sound Synthesis [.bib]
Stefan Bilbao and John ffitch
083 Digital Synthesis Models of Clarinet-Like Instruments Including Nonlinear Losses in the Resonator [.bib]
Philippe Guillemain and Jonathan Terroir
      [additional resources at: http://www.lma.cnrs-mrs.fr/~guillemain/DAFX06/dafx06.htm]
089 A Stable Acoustic Impedance Model of the Clarinet using Digital Waveguides [.bib]
Gary Scavone and Julius O. Smith
Session 4 - Audio Effects
095 The Mellin Pizzicator [.bib] [slides 4Mo]
Antonio De Sena and Davide Rocchesso
      [additional resources at: http://profs.sci.univr.it/~desena/FMT/]
101 Fractal Modulation Effects [.bib]
Gianpaolo Evangelista
      [additional resources at: http://staffwww.itn.liu.se/~giaev/soundexamples.html]
107 An Interdisciplinary Approach to Audio Effect Classification [.bib] [slides 6.6Mo]
Vincent Verfaille, Catherine Guastavino, and Caroline Traube
Session 5 - Perceptual Issues and Psychoacoustics
115 On the Dynamics of the Harpsichord and its Synthesis [.bib] [slides 1.1Mo]
Henri Penttinen
      [additional resources at: http://www.acoustics.hut.fi/publications/papers/dafx2006-harpsichord-dynamics/]
121 Musical Sound Timbre: Verbal Description and Dimensions [.bib]
Jan Stӗpánek
127 Musical Key Estimation of Audio Signal Based on Hidden Markov Modeling of Chroma Vectors [.bib]
Geoffroy Peeters
Session 6 - Audio Analysis and Low Level Features 1
133 Onset Detection Revisited [.bib] [slides 70ko]
Simon Dixon
139 A New Analysis Method for Sinusoids+Noise Spectral Models [.bib] [slides 0.6Mo] [.zip 6.6Mo]
Guillaume Meurisse, Pierre Hanna, and Sylvain Marchand
      [additional resources at: http://www.labri.fr/perso/hanna/Expe/sounds.html]
145 Adaptive Noise Level Estimation [.bib]
Chunghsin Yeh and Axel Röbel
Poster Session 2
149 Categories of Perception for Vibrato, Flange, and Stereo Chorus: Mapping Out the Musically Useful Ranges of Modulation Rate and Depth for Delay-Based Effects [.bib]
William Martens and Marui, Atsushi
153 Inter Genre Similarity Modeling for Automatic Music Genre Classification [.bib]
Ulas Bagci and Engin Erzin
157 Variable Pre-Emphasis LPC for Modeling Vocal Effort in the Singing Voice [.bib] [poster 320ko]
Karl I. Nordstrom and Peter F. Driessen
      [additional resources at: http://www.ece.uvic.ca/~knordstr/dafx06/]
161 Frequency-Dependent Boundary Condition for the 3-D Digital Waveguide Mesh [.bib]
Antti Kelloniemi
165 Some Physical Audio Effects [.bib]
Edgar Berdahl and Julius O. Smith
      [additional resources at: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~eberdahl/Projects/PhysicalEffects/]
169 Table Lookup Oscillators Using Generic Integrated Wavetables [.bib]
Günter Geiger
173 Error Compensation in Modeling Time-Varying Sinusoids [.bib] [poster 5Mo]
Xue Wen and Mark Sandler
177 A Stochastic State-Space Phase Vocoder for Synthesis of Roughness [.bib] [poster 8.5Mo]
Doug Van Nort and Philippe Depalle
Session 7 - Sound Synthesis 2
181 Fast Additive Sound Synthesis Using Polynomials [.bib] [slides 0.6Mo]
Matthias Robine, Robert Strandh, and Sylvain Marchand
193 Circle Maps as a Simple Oscillators for Complex Behavior: II. Experiments [.bib]
Georg Essl
199 Feedback Implementation Within a Complex Event Generation System for Emergent Sonic Structures [.bib]
Sinan Bökesoy
      [additional resources at: http://www.sonic-disorder.com/cosmosfdb-examples.zip]
Session 8 - Spatialization
203 Joint Acoustic Source Location and Orientation Estimation Using Sequential Monte Carlo [.bib] [slides 1.3Mo] [.zip 1Mo]
Maurice Fallon, Simon Godsill, and Andrew Blake
      [additional resources at: http://www-sigproc.eng.cam.ac.uk/~mff25/research.html]
209 On the Use of Irregularly Spaced Loudspeaker Arrays for Wave Field Synthesis, Potential Impact on Spatial Aliasing Frequency [.bib] [slides 9Mo]
Étienne Corteel
215 Detection of Room Reflections from a Binaural Room Impulse Response [.bib]
Sampo Vesa and Tapio Lokki
221 Archaeological Acoustic Space Measurement for Convolution Reverberation and Auralization Applications [.bib]
Damian T. Murphy
      [additional resources at: http://www.boothambar.org.uk/]
Session 9 - Source Separation
227 Improved Cocktail-Party Processing [.bib]
Alexis Favrot, Markus Erne, and Christof Faller
233 A Source Localization/Separation/Respatialization System Based on Unsupervised Classification of Interaural Cues [.bib] [slides 0.6Mo] [.zip 17.5Mo]
Joan Mouba and Sylvain Marchand
      [additional resources at: http://dept-info.labri.fr/~sm/DAFx06/]
Session 10 - Audio Analysis and Low Level Features 2
239 Assessing the Quality of the Extraction and Tracking of Sinusoidal Components: Towards an Evaluation Methodology [.bib] [slides 0.5Mo]
Mathieu Lagrange and Sylvain Marchand
247 Sinusoidal Extraction Using an Efficient Implementation of a Multi-Resolution FFT [.bib]
Karin Dressler
253 High Accuracy Frame-by-Frame Non-Stationary Sinusoidal Modelling [.bib]
Jeremy J. Wells and Damian T. Murphy
Poster Session 3
259 Granular Resynthesis for Sound Unmixing [.bib] [poster 44ko]
Gunnar Eisenberg and Thomas Sikora
263 Extraction and Removal of Percussive Sounds from Musical Recordings [.bib]
John Usher
267 Representations of Audio Signals in Overcomplete Dictionaries: What is the Link Between Redundancy Factor and Coding Properties? [.bib]
Emmanuel Ravelli and Laurent Daudet
271 A Spatial Interface for Audio and Music Production [.bib]
Mike Wozniewski, Zack Settel, and Jeremy R. Cooperstock
275 Streaming Frequency-Domain DAFx in Csound 5 [.bib] [poster 380ko]
Victor Lazzarini, Joe Timoney, and Tom Lysaght
279 Real-Time Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis with CataRT [.bib] [poster 400ko]
Diemo Schwarz, Grégory Beller, Bruno Verbrugghe, and Sam Britton
283 Multichannel Signal Representation in PWGLSynth [.bib]
Mikael Laurson and Vesa Norilo
      [additional resources at: http://www2.siba.fi/PWGL/]
287 Using Faust for FPGA Programming [.bib]
Robert Trausmuth, Christian Dusek, and Yann Orlarey
Session 11 - Audio Coding & Audio for Multimedia
291 Parametric Coding of Stereo Audio Based on Principal Component Analysis [.bib] [slides 2.4Mo]
Manuel Briand, David Virette, and Nadine Martin
297 Exact Discrete-Time Realization of a Dolby B Encoding/Decoding Architecture [.bib]
Federico Avanzini and Federico Fontana
303 Real-Time Bayesian GSM Buzz Removal [.bib] [slides 5Mo]
Han Lin and Simon Godsill
      [additional resources at: http://www-sigproc.eng.cam.ac.uk/~hl309/dafx2006/]
309 Application of Raster Scanning Method to Image Sonification, Sound Visualization, Sound Analysis and Synthesis [.bib]
Woon Seung Yeo and Jonathan Berger
Session 12 - Software Implementation
315 Cecilia and TclCsound [.bib]
Jean Piché and Victor Lazzarini
319 A New Paradigm for Sound Design [.bib]
Ananya Misra, Perry R. Cook, and Ge Wang
      [additional resources at: http://taps.cs.princeton.edu/]
325 Sound Processing in OpenMusic [.bib]
Jean Bresson

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