9th DAFx (Digital Audio Effects) Conference
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DAFx Conferences

  • DAFx-11 expected in Paris, France (IRCAM)
  • DAFx-10 expected in Graz, Austria (IEM)
  • DAFx-09 expected in Como / Milano, Italy
  • DAFx-08 in Helsinki, Finland
  • DAFx-07 in Bordeaux, France
  • DAFx-06 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • DAFx-05 in Madrid, Spain
  • DAFx-04 in Naples, Italy
  • DAFx-03 in London, United Kingdom
  • DAFx-02 in Hamburg, Germany
  • DAFx-01 in Limerick, Ireland
  • DAFx-00 in Verona, Italy
  • DAFx-99 in Trondheim, Norway
  • DAFx-98 in Barcelona, Spain

Current Organizing and Supporting Institution

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